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Merlin's Hill Centre

Merlin's Hill Centre
Fferm Alltyfyrddin Farm,
SA32 7ER

Tel: 01267 237808
Website: www.merlinshill.com
Adults 3.00
Children 1.50
OAP's and Disabled 2.00
Family Ticket (2 Adults & 3 children) 9.00

Prices subject to change.

Discounts and guided tours are available for pre-booked groups of 15 or more throughout the year.
The Merlin's Hill Centre is open daily except Christmas day:

April - October: 10am to 7pm
November - March: 10am to 5pm
Discover the secrets of Carmarthenshire at Alltyfyrddin Farm, home to the Merlin's Hill Centre. Walk the nature trails to the Iron Age Hillfort Site and experience breathtaking views enjoyed by Merlin the wizard. Wander around the farmyard heritage centre and watch the cows being milked.

Merlin and the Hillfort

Merlin's Hill has, at its summit, the site of an Iron Age Hillfort. Dating back to around 400 B.C., it is one of the few large hillforts in West Wales whose size alone suggests that they were centres of power controlling large territories. When the Roman armies entered the Towy Valley in AD 75 and established first a fort and then a town at Moridunum, the modern Carmarthen, the hillfort may still have been a focus of economic power, perhaps for tribal gatherings. In 1188, Gerald of Wales wrote that Merlin was born in Carmarthen. Merlin - King Arthur's guardian with magical powers - is believed to have lived in a cave on Merlin's Hill. This cave was to serve as his home and tomb as, according to legend, he was locked there in bonds of enchantment by his lover. Alas, the cave has become lost with the passage of time but many still hear Merlin clanking his chains on Merlin's Hill.

Merlin's Hill Wool Collection

The Merlin's Hill Wool Collection is made from 100% pure wool from our flock of Jacob Sheep that are naturally reared on Merlin's Hill. The breeds usual colourings has been the inspiration to create this exquisite collection of fabrics from their undyed wool. The collection includes scarves, throws, blankets etc. All are spun and woven locally. Sheepskin rugs are also available - Beautiful gifts to treasure!